ha-vel voice service

Effective and fast communication is a must for a working organization. This is why reliable voice services are indispensable for a company with a growth potential in its field. Because of this, ha-vel has been paying maximum attention to state-of-art voice services. Go for ha-vel Voice Service if you are after a professional solution using your existing infrastructure, or even if you are starting from scratch and you don't wish to invest in hardware. ha-vel will always find the best way to provide quality, reliability, and favourable pricing terms.

It doesn't matter whether you have an existing phone number or want a new one. it doesn't matter how far from each other your branch offices are. ha-vel voice solutions will connect all your sites in a single VPN for unlimited calling and the full service range of a virtual PBX. No investment required.

Your voice matters.


ha-vel AXIS

AXIS is a hosted Virtual PBX. It offers the top functionality found today in top niche switchboards only, however, at a fraction of the cost and without the need to invest in hardware. Facilitate your phone line management and operation.


ha-vel Voice Service

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a service to transmit voice using IP networks, based on the IP protocol options. This is a modern technology which allows us to provide customers with voice services without the need for cable connections. This generates a particularly visible cost economy when phoning.


ha-vel Orbital - Již žádný ztracený hovor. Maximalizujte využití příležitostí

Now you can improve your customer satisfaction by having them reach you at any time, with you ready all the time. Even if you miss a calling customer, you may call them back, to find your services valued even better. Nothing but a truly effective solution for customer support centres will allow your operators to communicate with customers fast and respond in real time to their requirements, positively handling the extra load the moment there are more incoming calls than operators available, but also off peak.


ha-loo - mobile and landline calls

ha-loo is a mobile operator offering mobile and fixed calls for individuals, households and business owners. It is a prepaid service to make calls via the internet, combining the advantages of GSM networks and calling via the internet, while preserving links to conventional switchboards.


What will you get?

  • availability throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • guaranteed level of service quality
  • direct connection to AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NIX, SITELIX, SIX
  • videoconferencing option
  • round-the-clock surveillance and technical support
  • use of modern protocols for voice transmission
  • support for Instant Messaging
  • option to plug in standard analogue phone sets
  • local phone numbers with economy rates and no lump fees
  • supports voice features of Virtual PBX
  • simple addition of phone numbers
  • option to connect your current voice switchboard to VoIP service
  • instant overview of call history with WEBBILL online billing
  • optional combination of data services, voice services and other complementary services
  • advanced features of the ha-vel AXIS virtual PBX
  • free calls within the ha-vel network and peering networks

ha-vel voice services provide customers with professional style phoning using the standard phone voice interfaces BRI, PRI, analogue lines, and also modern VoIP solutions. The principal benefit is the dramatic cost efficiency due to flat fees not being charged for line maintenance.