Cost economy first

ha-vel brings you calls for individuals and households, as both fixed and mobile services, under the ha-loo brand. Now you can use your mobile phone to get the best mix of landline and mobile calling, at wonderful prices. ha-loo mobile and ha-loo landline are prepaid services that offer charging by the second, excellent prices, and an unbeatable service for calls abroad. You don't have to sign a contract with anyone, and still you can call within your credit. You can call with us at great prices to all networks, including the ha-loo network itself, and on top of that, we are the only operator to pay you for incoming calls.

Call for free or from CZK 0,50 per minute

Share your holiday stories and impressions with your friends, share your private events with your family and friends. No need to care whether it's abroad, landline, or mobile. Our services will provide you with great prices for calls and SMS.