ha-vel Colocation

The decision regarding the technology deployment is a result of multiple factors. A major factor among these is the geographic location and the data network quality.

Both network technology and customer technology are becoming increasingly more complex, and some collocation points may fail to meet the most challenging requirements. The ha-vel Collocation service takes into account all requirements and experience, always coming up with some extras. ha-vel Collocation allows our customers to make more comprehensive use of over 500 ha-vel network access points. It allows them to accommodate both external and internal technologies within the existing space, with no need to negotiate with site owners.

Key service advantages:

► locating aerials, masts, and active technology within ha-vel network points

► optional use of power backup in the technological room

► guaranteed access to your technology

 optional inclusion of active network elements in ha-vel monitoring system

► ensuring all permits and contracts

► connection to ha-vel network with guaranteed immediate throughput increase 

The sites on offer are at the same time our key access points. And so we care for them correspondingly. Take advantage of the optional power backup. Make use of the proactive monitoring ensured by our Monitoring Centre, 24/7/365. Take advantage of the guaranteed access to your technology. That's ha-vel Collocation.

The service can be combined with rented microwave technologies and data circuits. Check out other options.