ha-vel AXIS

Your superb PBX

ha-vel AXIS is a hosted Virtual PBX featuring the high-end functionality normally found in top class phone switchboards today. At a fraction of the usual cost, and without the need to invest in a robust solution, you get a professional solution with flexibility of use, rates and a quality warranty offered by this reliable partner. Make phone line operation and management easy: activate your ha-vel AXIS PBX.

What will you get?

  • option to integrate your current PBX
  • free calls between your sites
  • zero cost of hardware purchases
  • voice mailbox emailing recorded messages
  • call forwarding
  • display of caller's number on your web interface
  • speed dial option for all numbers
  • custom phone number lists
  • forwarding for answered calls, and a plethora of other functions

AXIS voice services are suitably for just about any kind of company. The professional solution improves your availability for customers, strengthening your relations and improving your business performance. Flexible rates are available, customized for specific customers, allowing you to optimize your voice service spending. AXIS allows you to connect remote sites to a virtual PBX (IP Centrex). Thanks to this, you can make calls all across your company network free of charge. No need to worry about your phone numbers: your current numbers will be ported to our network so that your customers can get through to you.

Charging options

Unlimited calls ► Define your monthly charge to make unlimited calls across the Czech Republic and abroad. An ideal solution for small and medium-vel businesses that want fixed costs of services.

Minute packages ► Do you keep in touch with foreign partners, or do you call just within the Czech Republic? Customize your plan to meet your needs. You can specify the minute count to use within a month for your billing. The longer you call, the less you pay by the minute.

Pay for your actual phone time Invoicing the actual call time by the minutes may be the optimum plan for small companies who find themselves unable to predict their actual voice service load. Don't pay if you make no calls. You are free to modify your plan preference at any time as required.


ha-vel AXIS can be combined with other ha-vel services. Take a look at IP VPN and ha-vel Watch data services.

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