ha-vel Orbital

No more missed calls

Maximize your opportunities

Using the ha-vel Orbital Call Centre gives you another competitive advantage for your company. Now you can improve your customer satisfaction by having them reach you at any time, with you ready all the time. Never miss a single call again. Even if you miss a calling customer, you can call them back with success, to find your services valued even better. Market pressure makes you get better and more effective, and ha-vel Orbital Call Centre is a tool to achieve this. It takes truly effective solutions for call centres to allow your operators to communicate with your customers fast and effectively. They can react flexibly to their requirements during the call, also perfectly handling the stress load both at and beyond peak moments when incoming calls outnumber operators.

Your benefits

greater efficiency and effectiveness through better usage of customer centre operators and consolidation of multiple services into a single centre

► easy management and monitoring of call centre

► quality and performance monitoring and assessment for your call centre - a tool set to design output and operation analysis for your call centre allows you to evaluate the process of handling individual calls and to address emerging situations and customer needs

► facilitates contacts with customers, integration with your information system, provides easy management and monitoring for your call centre, allows effective assessments of call centre operations

► call routing based on pre-set conditions (source direction, day of week, working hours/hours off duty, caller identification ...)

► allows you to combine availability of call centre resources with any additional parameters, use distributed solutions for systems spanning several remote sites, and to make best possible use of resources regardless of their physical location

► client service personalization through these functions:

Support for operator specialization

Flexibility in call routing

Operator personalization


ORBITAL Computer Telephony Integration

The integration of computing and telecommunication systems (CTI) in call centres usually means that caller identification details are entered in the customer's information system so that the operator knows who is calling at the very moment the call is answered. The concept behind ha-vel Orbital goes beyond a simple connection between the PBX and a server: it provides all the details you may get from linking the information, such as details of their last call, call recording, automatic forwarding outside the call centre based on the database parameters, automatic choice of the language variety for the IVR menu, and choice of operator speaking the specific language based on the incoming direction or the language parameters in the database entry. Unlike most other solutions, ha-vel Orbital has been designed ever since its inception to integrate information technologies and telecommunication services, thus allowing a range of advanced features, including those only you may request as our customer.

For more information about the ha-vel Orbital service, please contact our sales department.