ha-vel Premium Cloud

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest solution for the clients that need to manage their virtual servers in a data centre with the maximum availability of the services provided, high flexibility and high data security. No need to think now what performance you will need from your server: as part of cloud hosting, you can adjust server parameters flexibly as required. That way, your costs are always kept under control.


Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is an option aimed at demanding customers who need maximum performance, security, and excellent availability for their applications. A private cloud is always set apart for a single customer, and thus, the resources are never shared with other clients. Much as in cloud hosting, private cloud is offered with a SLA availability of 99.99 %. If you need still more, private Geocloud is available.


Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is an ideal solution for customers operation their own infrastructure, yet are keen on transferring some of the technology into a data centre. A hybrid cloud  can connect customer servers and cloud servers in an intelligent way. All that the IT administrator then sets up is how much performance will be generated from within his servers and how much performance will be generated by the cloud. All of  this without any impact on the end user.



Geocloud is the top level of availability in clouds. A geocloud is short for geographic cloud meaning that the cloud technology is distributed throughout a number of geographically remote data centres. Should one data centre fail (e.g. due to the air-conditioning failure, faire, floods, etc.), its operations will be taken over by a cloud in another data centre. Thus, your projects will run with no downtime.