The primary strategy of our company is to ensure the satisfaction of our trading partners and customers regarding telecommunications services, staff satisfaction and prosperity of the company.

In order to maintain and improve the position achieved on the domestic market, the company has introduced and aims to maintain and improve an integrated management system in compliance with the international standards SO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 and ISO 14001:2015; fully aware of their responsibility, the company's top management has adopted the following strategic objectives, to be implemented while falling back on the staff for their cooperation and creative skills.

Company policy principles:

  • To comply with applicable legislation in all fields of our activity. To stress prevention of environmental pollution above the levels stipulated by law.
  • To ensure the continued satisfaction of our customers by providing products and services at competitive prices to the required quality, scope and time.
  • To pay constant attention to rationalization and improvement of the integrated management system in order to optimize processes and costs, and thus, ensure capacity and financial resources to develop the company.
  • Ensure compliance with contract requirements of customers in terms of reaching the agreement parameters in Service Level Agreements.
  • Stress improvement in quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Manage suppliers to ensure the service quality guaranteed.
  • Provide sufficient number of skilled and competetent staff to ensure smooth service processes.
  • To equip the company with top level technologies in order to provide our customers with a service quality comparable to the top competitors in our industry.
  • To reduce waste and to improve its further use by promoting effective use of natural resources and energies.
  • Regarding the activities within our services, to use materials and substances ensuring minimum hazards for the environment and work space.
  • By regularly informing our staff about the company's attitude to the environment, to raise their awareness of the topic.
  • To ensure that processed information is sufficiently protected from tampering so that it stays accessible by all authorized parties.
  • To ensure information management in order to prevent loss of integrity, trust and availability of that information.
  • To ensure compliance with customer requirements in terms of data protection, taking appropriate measures to eliminate risks in data security.
  • To make the idea of ongoing improvement of in-house processes come true through team cooperation by involving the maximum possible number of staff. To motivate all staff for professional development, supporting their personal fulfilment.
  • To develop proper public relations. To improve communication and cooperation with the competent authorities and the public in order to disseminate this Policy and its fulfilment.

When implementing the Company Policy, segmented into feasible tasks, the top managers expect each staff member to consistently and accurately adhere to the procedures specified within the integrated management system, exercise a high degree of responsibility for their own work quality by preventing errors and consistently checking their own performance results before passing them on to fellow staff and customers.