ha-vel Voice Service

Your voice is important.

No company can survive today without reliable voice services. Are you looking for a professional solution to your existing infrastructure? Are you starting from scratch and do you want to avoid unnecessary investments in hardware? Do you need to reduce your phone costs considerably? Show us where you want to go, and we'll find the best path for you.

Go for ha-vel Voice Service. Your voice is important.

  • available throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • infrastructure in 50 towns and cities
  • direct connection to AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NIX, SITELIX, SIX
  • data lines up to 800 Mbps
  • voice services
  • video conferencing services
  • availability guaranteee
  • 24/7 monitoring centre

ha-vel voice services provide customers professional style phoning using standard phone voice interfaces BRI, PRI, analogue lines, and also modern VoIP solutions. The principal benefit is the dramatic cost efficiency due to flat fees for line maintenance not being charged.

  • use of modern protocols for voice transmission
  • support for Instant Messaging
  • option to plug in standard analogue phone sets
  • local phone numbers with economy rates and no lump fees 
  • supports voice features of Virtual PBX
  • warranty for service availability and quality
  • simple addition of phone numbers
  • option to connect your current voice switchboard to VoIP service
  • instant overview of call history with WEBBILL online billing
  • optional combination of data services, voice services and other complementary services
  • advanced features of the ha-vel AXIS virtual voice switchboard
  • free calls within the ha-vel network and peering networks
  • quality assurance, simple upgrade of phone line amounts
  • constant service monitoring and round-the-clock phone-in support

ha-vel Voice Service Your voice is important.

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