ha-loo Centrála

Call smart, call with ha-loo Switchboard!

Features a professional phone switchboard that costs your company nothing.

ha-loo Switchboard is a service that allows corporate customers to combine the benefits of calling cheaply using the ha-loo VoIP service and the functionality of a professional PBX. No need any longer to activate a separate ha-loo account for each phone set and have a hard time trying to keep track of your balance and call history. Here, you'll get everything in the same place, and free of charge.

Service benefits

  • Up to 88 extensions available for a single ha-loo account, with the functionality of a standard phone line
  • Receive and send your faxes the easiest way: out as a PDF, in as a PDF.
  • Perfect detailed overview of your call history, to optimize the phone budget in your company.
  • You won't miss any calls made by your clients: available to you is call forwarding, reporting missed calls, and a voice mailbox.
  • Recording of all calls, to improve your services.
  • IVR menu depending on what you select yourself.
You'll get all of this without investing in costly hardware. You need no switchboards, no fax machines. Just activate your ha-loo Switchboard service FOR FREE, and then you pay for what you actually spend on calling. With a second-based rate, at super rate, and naturally, free of charge within our network!