Why choose ha-vel?

Our customers choose us for many different reasons, depending on what they are looking for and what they prefer. Some because they want to challenge established practices and do things differently. Simply, they need a change for the better. For others, it is about the way we understand telecommunications, how we approach our services and what we can achieve.

Maybe because they want to help open the door to new technologies, advanced services and perfect care. Or just because it's time for a change, and they bet on certainty.

Whatever your reasons, you want to make sure that you have chosen correctly.

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QUALITY - You will find a lot of service providers, but only a few of them provide services they can guarantee. The service quality depends on the backbone network quality, and that's the focus of our experienced professionals round the clock.

INDIVIDUALITY - We realize that every customer is different, every customer has its own individual needs and every customer wants their own individual care.

COMMUNICATION - We provide services that are used to communicate. And because we know that communication is one of the most important factors in society and a condition to meeting your goals.

VALUE - The way we see it, we perceive value as something extra, what the customer gets on top of the services used. Access, service, communication, reliability and the human approach, are properties that add value to our standard services.

LISTENING TO YOU - To implement a great solution, one must learn and listen. This is why we spend time listening to and learning about your needs and requirements. We need to understand what makes your company unique to its customers and how we can help you to grow.

WE LOVE THIS WORK - We are enthusiastic about our work and the results of our efforts, our motivation is our success. We work hard to provide customers with the very best, making sure our services can be used easily and are at the top level.

AVAILABILITY - Communication is an effective tool, but only if the technology works and is accessible. We know that you don't want to choose when you can or cannot communicate. One must communicate constantly. So we pay a lot of attention to our services being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Rest assured.

EXPERIENCE - We know everything about telecommunications and IT, having been around for 17 years, we have a lot of experience of how to do things effectively, correctly, in accordance with the expectations of customers and better. .. better than others.

ETHICAL OFFER - We believe in mutual satisfaction, the relationship is treated transparently. Do not expect any hidden fees or unpleasant surprises from us. The offer will let you know what the bill format is like and what your actual costs for telecommunications are.

WE FACE UP TO CHALLENGES - We can do more than you can imagine. We get new things for the benefit of our clients. So our portfolio of services keeps growing. We understand perfectly that added value lies in a complete solution for the customer, including surveillance systems, access control and time attendance systems, and multimedia systems. Don't be afraid to entrust us with your expectations.