ha-vel Enterprise

No limits. No borders.

  • Are you building a backbone network?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to digital optical circuits?
  • Are you looking for a quality last mile?
  • Are you planning a backup for your primary connection?
  • Are you after the reliability of professional solutions?

This is why Enterprise is here

The service offers you a wide range of options and combinations to hire microwave bandwidth, suitable for both your last mile and the backbone connection. Choose a flexible solution that suits your needs best. Enterprise includes the rental of microwave systems for both free and coordinated bandwidth, a comprehensive implementation procedure, tackling all red tape, and ensuring accessibility for terminal points and SLA. In case of failure, you have a round-the-clock guarantee for immediate unit replacement.

Service advantages

  • comprehensive implementation of access point design, including the project, stands, cabling, and documentation of the actual implementation
  • frequency planning ensured
  • round-the-clock proactive monitoring of your connection, online statistics for connection traffic
  • simple and rapid increase in capacity
  • speed up to 360 Mbps
  • SW licences for the maximum speed included in the rent
  • optional modulation: QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM
  • ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control)
  • channel span of 3.5 – 56 MHz
  • minimum initial investment in technology
  • no spare part stock

Service support

Our services will make you realize that everything is fully under your control. The service support includes a stock of spare parts for the connection infrastructure in use, their delivery and replacement by the deadline specified in your service contract. You specify how fast you want to have your connection restored if there's a failure. You can fall back on our supervision centre, which is proactive in tackling any non-compliance, immediately informing the customer and the technicians.

Product sheet for download

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