ha-vel Leased Line

The top quality data circuit rental service is intended primarily for large corporations, GSM operators and internet providers as a transit route to implement access points, or combined with the last mile to connect corporate clientele. The ha-vel data service ensures dedicated bandwidth and a nearly unlimited throughput with a flexible extension option, all of this using a highly secure network infrastructure in order to accommodate even the most challenging implementations.

The flexible solutions provide circuits with optional backup with a range of topologies (EPL, EVPL), including dynamic routing in order to ensure the best possible service quality.

Our Ethernet services are available in a range of capacities between 2 Mb/s and 10 Gb/s, with a choice of terminal and its optional redundancy. Our specialists will be fully at your disposal while devising a solution best matching your specific needs.

Service benefits:

► Point to Point and Point to Multipoint solutions

guaranteed service quality (SLA)

► dedicated web portal with optional service monitoring

► optional open port to temporarily bypass peak traffic 

► fully transparent service, supporting QinQ and Jumbo packets

► solution optionally with or without backup

► proactive round-the-clock monitoring for networks and customer solutions

► response time limit of 15 minutes for failures


Basic technical specification:

Service type Interface Implementation Throughput Connector
Ethernet circuit 10 BASE-T IEEE 802.3, V.2 2 Mb/s - 10 Mb/s RJ 45
Ethernet circuit 100 BASE-TX IEEE 802.3, V.2 2 Mb/s - 100 Mb/s RJ 45
Ethernet circuit 1000 BASE-TX - (SX) IEEE 802.3, V.2 2 Mb/s - 1 Gb/s RJ 45
Synchronous circuit G.703 symmetric 120 Ω 2048 kb/s RJ-48C
Synchronous circuit G.703 symmetric 120 Ω 2048 kb/s Krone
Synchronous circuit V.35 symmetric 64 - 2048 kb/s MRAC-34S
Synchronous circuit G.703 asymmetric 75 Ω 34 Mb/s BNC


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