Top solution for small and large businesses

Telecommunications are one of the keys to the success of today's modern businesses. ha-vel is a proven supplier to a number of large corporations, who take advantage of our services to communicate with thousands of customers on a daily basis.

We will prepare the best mix of services you really need. A professional and comprehensive solution for voice, data, Internet, VPN and lots more, for large corporations as well as medium-sized and small companies. No matter whether it concerns a manufacturing industry, banking, transport, construction company, a shipping company - we have a perfect and effective tailor-made solution.

Companies insist on a reliable partner in an industry where professionalism is a must; they need an experienced, flexible and process-driven partner. ha-vel will provide you with a comprehensive set of services, from telecommunication consultancy to implementations of comprehensive and effective telecommunication solutions.

Why are so many large businesses after us?

► Surprising cost savings on telecommunications
Forget how much your company is spending on telecommunications. We will come up with a solution for maximum cost economy while preserving the service quality or improving it.

► Unique availability of all services
We provide services through our own nationwide backbone network. All technologies within the network are constantly monitored, 24 hours a day. We know all about what's happening, so we can offer a contractual guarantee for limit values in quality specific parameters of the services. We can adjust the technical quality parameters and backups within the limits of technology, very flexibly, as you need.

► Flexibilityy of solutions
If you want to, we'll handle all your requirements. However, you can set up your network calls individually as you need. The voice service interface gives you all you need to set up your preferences for routing, IVR menus, blacklists, voice mailbox administration, and lots of other practical functions.

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