ha-vel coverage map

One of the Czech Republic's major data networks is ready to serve you. The careful design and operation reflect the strictest expectations of our customers, focussing on high-quality services with value added. Available for you in over 50 towns and cities, it keeps growing. Under constant supervision 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. See for yourself.

Service scope

For anyone, for any use. We are able to satisfy all of your requirements concerning telecommunication solutions. We provide services and solutions for the most demanding customers.

ha-vel wholesale services

Connect your customers to the ha-vel data network. We will cater for all the individual needs of your customers.

ha-vel Leased Line

Data circuits and VPNs with nearly unlimited bandwidth and high quality service guarantees.

IT services

Learn how you can improve the functionality of your key systems. Raise your business level and improve your flexibility with key clients.

IP Service

A high-capacity connection to the internet with full duplex of up to 10 Gb/s.

ha-vel ha-loo

ha-loo mobile is a unique combination of the lowest prices for mobile calls and rates per second, allowing you and your loved ones to save up to 30% of family expenditure on calls.

ha-vel Enterprise

To design a backbone network and a last mile solution, no capital is required. Just go for Enterprise.

Video Conferencing

Allow your employees to work face to face, without wasting hours on travel. Share content, strategy and thoughts. As fast as you need.

Voice services

Better voice technology, lower costs, simpler management. Stick to established and proven principles, take advantage of the service that meets your requirements.

ha-vel Watch

A monitoring system with secure data storage in a cloud-based solution featuring simple access to stored data.

ha-vel MMS

Multimedia system for presentation and information screens. Share your videos, website content, photos and adverts online.


Who do we cooperate with, and in what way? See how our customers use our services and how these help them to develop effectively.

GE Money Bank

Managed Services allow global companies to focus on what they do best.

Student Agency

The service development, corporate acquisition and new projects are keeping us busy to the maximum. This is why we have a telecommunications partner that we can trust.

T-Mobile CZ

Providing top reliable services means relying on one's partners and their backbone network.

Vodafone Czech Republic

A reliable network is just one of the many reasons why Vodafone and ha-vel have entered into a partnership. See for yourself.